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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  November 13, 2015 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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♪ right now at 10. terror on the streets of paris. french investigators are busy piecing together one of the deed lee yesterday days the country has seen since world war ii. the country's borders are closed tonight and the world is responding. explosions, gunfire and a hostage situation. the chaos part of a series of calculated and dead al tack as the smoke clears, we know that more than 120 people are dead tonight. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. the details are stilling in. here's what we know right now. investigators say at least two gunmen opened fire on more than a thousand concert goers and then took hostages inside a large concert hall where the american band eagles of death
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were playing. blocks away, another 11 people killed after explosions inside a paris restaurant. and about 2 miles north, police say at least two deadly explosions outside a soccer stadium where the french president was watching the game. government officials are not taking any chances though implementing a series of unprecedented measures. the violence is also reverberating here in america. fox 29's brad sattin has been following what's happening tonight and joins us in the stewed eighty seven brad, even here in philadelphia, everyone's guard is up. row. >> reporter: around world and here in philadelphia. extra protection here at home from the historical sites to the eagles game on sunday. philadelphia police department head of homeland security just a little while ago saying that steps are being taken to ensure citizens feel comfortable. police certainly on the alert after a horrific night in paris and the late word we're getting is that all of those attackers are believed to be dead. terror attacks overnight in at
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least six locations across paris. the most deadly insider a concert hall an american rock band was playing. at least 100 people were killed there when terrorists entered and began taking hostages witnesses say the attackers with ak forty seven began lobbying explosives at people and shooting people on site saying nothing. video showing police going in launching an assault there with gunshots being fired. (gunfire). >> reporter: killing at least three attackers. >> they moved it clearly lives being lost. they had to move in very quick quickly. but sadly it's the scene carnage. >> reporter: at least 11 more people were killed inside a paris restaurant and at least three more people died when bombs went off in suicide attacks outside the city's soccer stadium during a match caught on french tv. match was attended by french president fran choi, quickly evacuated and addressed the
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nation. >> my dear patriots the moment i speak to you terrorist as tax of unprecedented level are happening in the paris area. there are dozens dead. many injured. it's a horror. >> reporter: country's borders were closed off a state of emergency declared. no confirmation yet on who is behind this but president obama promised america's full support. >> we're going to do whatever it takes to work with the french people and with nations around the world to bring these terrorists to justice. >> reporter: national security and terrorism expert ed tersanski says paris being a target is no surprise. as refugees pour into europe from syria and other war torn countries they're not all being processed properly and disproportionate number are young military aged men potentially some of them with an ax to grind. >> this is a series of events. this was not a one off. this isn't a small group of
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individuals and the french in recent years have been much morrow bust in pushing back against islamic extremism so it's not a huge surprise that they would would be a target, and this is very much their 9/ 9/11. >> reporter: back here at home pennsylvania governor tom wolf issuing a statement tonight saying again there's no known threat to our region. meanwhile we are starting to hear anecdotal stories of people in paris including a man at the stadium for that soccer game at the time. he appeared to be, of course, we expect to hear more of those local stories in the coming days. chris? >> all right, brad. thanks. n other news tonight, two teenagers are charged with murdering another young teen simply out for a bike ride. 16-year-old saleem west was riding his bike on sunday afternoon november 1st when police say he was ambushed and shot to death. it happened in the strawberry mansion section of philadelphia. today 17-year-old hakeem feaster and tyree johnson were charged as adults for his murder.
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police say the motive was teenaged rivalry. >> my life will never be the same ever. he was my only child. he was my life. he was why i did what i did. >> he killed my heart. it killed our spirits. saleem was special. >> we can't have -- continue to have teenagers with weapons killing other teens. >> saleem was junior at delaware valley charter school. former new jersey high school choir director convicted child pornography will spend the next five years behind bars and tonight officials want to make sure there are not any other victims out there. 28-year-old arthur earn the the third sentenced to state prison after being convicted of posing as a teenager online and having explicit chats with underaged girls. it gets worse according to officials who say he also sent those unaged girls nude photos in exchange for pictures or videos from the girls. three of those children were his choir members at ocean township
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high school. earnest will have to register as sex offender when he is released from prison. a photographer working as a volunteer for local radio station under arrest tonight. >> he's accuse evidence taking pictures of young kids at public events to try to capture sexua sexually explicit images. joanne pileggi live outside wxpn studios in university city with the details. joanne? >> reporter: chris, mark wilkins was not an official employee here at wxpn but he was their volunteer photographer for the last several years. and police say he used that position to take several thousand photos of children at public events. inside 57-year-old mark wilkins northeast philly apartment on rising sun of a authorities say they found several thousand photos of children. many of them sexually explicit images. >> he would start by taking full photographs of the child's face and body, and then he would eventually just zoom in on their
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genitals and create sexually explicit photographs. >> reporter: police say wilkins had access to children through his volunteer position as a photographer for children's events sponsored by wxpn. events at places like the morris arboretum, the franklin institute and the camden's children garden. >> many times the events involved water whether it be at a fountain or things of that nature. parents would bring their kids there. they'd be in bathing suits, and he was interested in very young children. >> reporter: wilkins had allegedly been taking lewd photos for the past five years. he was caught when he was trying to develop prints at a store. >> very as substitute clerk so what photographs he was trying to develop, and immediately call the police. >> reporter: the fbi and philadelphia police arrested wilkins at his apartment this morning. they noted he lived in close proximity to several daycare centers. >> it's a whole lot of day cares on this block. at least like four of them. two of them right here next door and then one right across the street from his house.
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that can be really creepy because anything could happen. >> reporter: we left a message and we e-mailed the station. they did not get back to us. for now wilkins charged with manufacturing and possession of child pornography. as for those images, police tell us, they were all of little girls, but they say they were not identifiable in the photos. the investigation is continuing. for now we're live in university city, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. back to you in the studio, dawn. >> all right, thank you, joanne. a man accused of planning to illegally export laboratory equipment from the united states to syria appears in federal court today. u.s. immigration and customs officials along with agents from homeland security say that ahmed derry planned to deport chemical equipment. he was arrested in london back in 2013 and extradited back to the united states yesterday. he plead not guilty at his initial appearance today in
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federal court in scranton. northampton man convict evidence murdering his step daughter then sexually us a assaulting a corporation. jury finding 54-year-old gregory graph guilty of murder of shooting death of 33-year-old jessica pa jet. jurors were shown graphic video today of abusing his step daughter's body. the jury taking only six minutes to reach a guilty verdict. graph will spend life in prison without parole. a pennsylvania court is ordering the state to reinstate jerry sandusky's $48 a month pension. he serve 30 to 60 years in prison for sexually abusing 10 boys. the state employees retirement board was wrong to take his pension away because he was not an employee of the state when he committed the crime. crimes that were the basis on his pension being revoke. sandusky officially retired from the university in 1999.
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the judge ordering three years of back payments to jerry sandusky. coming up a transgender woman gunned down in philadelphia for two years. her body remained unclaimed. until now. the unlikely group that is doing something extraordinary. years ago, a local veteran says he hit rock bottom. then everything changed when he met fox 29's bruce gordon. how that interview turned his entire life around. scott. >> right now still looking at gusty winds across the area. winds of change. how cold it will get as we kick off your saturday and weekend next. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. tgif. crews will be working all weekend long doing lionell richie up along 95 right near the cottman of a princeton avenue on-ramps. expect delays there. if you're coming into or out of the city through the weekend, watch for delays on the ben franklin bridge with construction, and a big day in
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south philly on sunday. eagles/dolphins. we kick off at 1:00 o'clock. let's go, eagles! we'll you bright and early on monday morning. ♪
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now your winning lottery snubs. ♪ a local church is providing a proper burial for a murdered transgender woman. that murder happened two years ago in strawberry mansion. diamond williams was murdered and left in a vacant parking lot and no one has ever claimed her
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body until now. a local monsignor who learned about the case was moved to take action. even with the catholic church's stance on gay and transgender people a funeral will be held for diamond. >> i literally cried. i thought to myself, how does a family abandon a child? how does a society abandon a person, a human being? more importantly how does a church, all the churches, and i mean global church, how do we as a collective body of church read something like this don nothing? >> diamond william will be laid to rest tomorrow morning at saint miriam parish in flourtown and all are invited to attend. a special and unexpected reunion a decade in the making. 10 years ago he was a homeless veteran. >> well today he's game physical employed and helping others. we first met him in a story we did about homeless veterans more
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than 10 years ago about a program to them with assistance. bruce gordon shows us that impact of two minutes of television had on one man's li life. >> okay. nice. >> reporter: ronald boyette sits with me in the penn house of the bourse building and fights his emotions as he watches the story that change his life. >> that picture is the one that made me do everything i'm doing now. >> reporter: it was september of 2004, i was at a veterans stand down event for a story. boyette was a homeless and hopeless vet looking for a new pair of boots to take back to the mission where he stayed. he had volunteereed to day's worth of voter registration for 50 bucks. >> that's why we here. >> reporter: his interviewed snippet lasted just six seconds on camera. long enough though for what boyette now calls an he fief pan knee when he watch it from the mission that night. >> it hit me that, hey, you're homeless. you have to improve yourself. i got to change.
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it was just something that came over me. have i to change. i came straight to the airport the next week. >> reporter: landed job as sky cap a job he proudly held for more than a decade. these days he's often back at the airport driving folks to mediary plains, both here and at airports throughout the region. it's part of his job with a local concierge company live >> i'm a chauffeur. i'm a house cleaner. whatever a concierge does, that's what i do. i love this work. i love it. this is what i was meant to be doing. i love helping people. >> reporter: on this afternoon ronnie is helping organize a combination event at the bourse. a cd release part for r and b musician friend and his own 66th birthday party. >> the last time i saw you i was homeless. now i'm having a birthday party in the penthouse. it's a big change. >> reporter: change made possible by the lense of a tv camera. that ronald boyette used as mirror to take stock of his life and what he wanted to do with
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it. >> on my business card it says keep it moving. i'm going move like i am a positive person and i'm going to go after what i need to go after in life to better my life. report roar ronnie not only has home he's got wife. in his spare time he helps other veterans get the help they need. my thanks to our lucy noland it was her chance meeting with boyette just a little over a week ago that led to our reconnecting. in this business you never know whose life you'll touch or who will touch yours. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. well, we are just two weeks away from thanksgiving and what better way to celebrate fall with a little ice skating. you know what that means. dilworth park ice skating rink opened for its second season. there's franklin there. there's swoop. well, new attractions this year including all new rothman cabin where skaters can take a break and enjoy some food and drinks without ever leaving the ice and now fall weather like perfect for ice skating ring. >> yeah.
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an your radar tonight grab that jack, scott williams. >> that's right. winds of change. we had winds gust up to 40 miles an hour earlier today. clear skies. it will be chilly overnight. take look at this. wind chills will be falling into the 30s. so talking about the wind chills at least for the first half of the weekend. look at high temperatures tomorrow. only about 50 degrees. the high today by the way 59. 2 degrees above average. but here's the scenario. high to the south area of low pressure to the north. we have that wind tunnel effect kind of chowing down -- channeling down the colder air from canada moving array round the great lakes. take a look here. we have lake effect snow. look at erie reporting 2-inches of snow toward the north and western part of the state. maybe outside chance of a flurry moving toward the pocono mountains. but take a look. we continue with those northwesterly breezes for much of the weekend. temperatures right now already into the 30s. 38 degrees in the poconos. we're looking at mid 40s north
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and west. the warm spot philadelphia 51 degrees. we have 51 in dover. already into the upper 40s in atlantic city. but take look at future feels like temperatures. by tomorrow morning, if you're headed maybe to a yard sale or out in the yard we're looking at temperatures feeling like, look at this, 30 in pottstown. 31 at 7:00 a.m. in the philadelphia area feels like and by the afternoon, it's going to feel like the low to mid 40s. this is 2:00 o'clock future feels like. 45 degrees in philadelphia. right now as we take a look at those current winds still gusting close to 40 miles per hour in the pocono mountains. winds out of the west gusting to 30 miles per hour in philadelphia. so we keep the blustery conditions overnight throughout the day tomorrow. hang on to those hats once again the wind chill factor will be there. the winds trying diminish a little bit saturday night he is special fool sunday. take a look at the lows for tonight. mid 30s in the burbs. 40 degrees in the city then for
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tomorrow, 50 degrees well below the average for this time of year. so 50 tomorrow but them nice recovery headed into sunday. upper 50s and look at the 60s. 64 on monday. back to the mid maybe even um per 60s by latter part of next week. next best chance for rain on thursday. the forecast will kick off at the linc on sunday 1:00 o'clock mostly sunny. it's cool. temperatures not bad. seasonal. so looking good for tailgating and the game. >> all right. we like to hear that. >> all right. sean bell up with sports now. got a couple hoops game. temple playing tonight. sixers trying to get their first win. they do it. >> trying to get first win. yeah, they are. that's the key word. trying right now. say hello to zero-nine because the thunder are on their way. the start of college basketball connect off like you said. temple got their shot at a number one team in the land that's coming up in sports. >> good evening, i'm karen hen
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along with bill anderson. comincoming up tomorrow on fox 9 weekend our new commissioner, police commissioner richard ross what you didn't know about him. >> a little boy trance zigging to manhood on had his bar mitzvah he's decided to help others making donations to charity. all that and more. we'll see you 8:00 o'clock. tt//]
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♪ college basketball is back. right now temple football has all the juice, but temple hoops trying to play omar et cetera. they up the season against number one north carolina tonight beating the tar heels can certainly get them some shine. last time the owls beat number one team was all the way back in 2000 sand. beating number one cincinnati.
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first half, temple with the steal. goes behind the line. steps back. tray ball. he had 16 points in the first half. 19 total. now, second half put back, slams. here's where it gets a little disrespectful. puts his mid section on his forehead. definitely had a fight after that. some push, shoving, he didn't like it. but it doesn't matter. tar heels within 91-sketch. villanova took on fairleigh dickinson. great ball movement in the first half. inside out. josh hardin nails the tray ball. nova at half up. miguel bridges with the fast break slam. cats one easy 91-54. and two philly teams squaring off st. joe's versus drexel. isaia miles comes out of where with the put back dunk. that put the hawks up by nine. st. joe's goes on to win.
10:26 pm
college is the only place philly will see any good basketball because the sixers sting. they're still lookin looking for first win of the city. tonight they went to oklahoma city. you know how that ends. into the second quarter knoll nerlins drives to try to get to the rack. thrown by blank today. third quarter sixers within one. okafor gets the ball, drives, blocked again. seven blocks on the night. tumble status. thunderous dunk. westbrook had a triple double. 21-17 boards. the thunder within 102-85. hoops are so so happy that college basketball is back because not going to watch that. (laughter). >> not going to watch the pros. >> it makes you wonder if the sixers are ever going to win this year. >> it's kind of depressing. >> are they going to get a win. >> they are not going to win, book it, until december. december 1st and 2nd they got the lakers and the 96 every
10:27 pm
other game between that is against a pretty good team at least a better team than the sixers which is not hard to do. >> hopefully the eagles will win this weekend. scott the forecast pretty good football weather. >> pretty nice weekend. tomorrow will be the coldest day of the weekend. only 50 degrees. take look at the seven day forecast. yeah tomorrow feels like temperatures in the 40s but we rebound nicely. sunday high 59 degrees. there's another look at the kickoff forecast looking pretty good on sunday. >> nice football weather. thanks, guys. that does it for us. remember fox 29 weekend starts tomorrow morning at 8:00. fox 29 special your shell neck. >> don't forget your mega millions lottery drawing is at 11:00 o'clock. have a terrific night and thanks for watching. ♪
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♪ >> welcome to the fox 29 special report your health. i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. we begin with some may your news for people living with hepatitis c. >> doctors say huge advancements in treating the disease are in fact curing even badly damaged livers right here in philadelphia. >> but at the same time a local community health organization says there's a new help c threat. fox 29's joyce evans reports. ♪ >> reporter: joe is like a rock star walking through the halls of u penn's gas tow enter rolling and liver center. >> there he is. how we doing? >> reporter: his rock star -- >> breathe in. out. >> reporter: doctor raj ready director of help tolling. >> good. you're in good shape. >> reporter: excellent shape for a 64-year-old. >> i got out of the army in '71. >> reporter: yes, he's a


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